Have you ever gone on a blog hunt for a great cookie recipe only to find that you have to scroll through the blogger’s entire life story, complete with pictures of their cat, before you can find the actual recipe? Frankly, I don’t care how cute your cats are or what funny thing happened to you at the grocery store or that one time you learned Japanese on a train while wearing a hat you crocheted from plastic bags. I just want to bake some cookies. Luckily for you, I have no desire to write a whole comedic story before each of my recipes. I know you don’t really care about my latest vacation or my crazy Christmas decoration escapades or what happened to my pet fish. Like me, what you want when searching for a cookie recipe is a cookie recipe.

Also, I am not a chef and have not been to culinary school. I am just a mom that likes to bake for my family. So if you want to know if my muffin recipe can be made gluten free or the pudding can be dairy free or if you can substitute artichokes for mushrooms I really don’t know. I could guess, and that’s about it. So if you want to substitute the white flour for coconut flour or use flax meal instead of eggs then go for it. If you want to use pecans instead of walnuts, go right ahead. If you want to ask, I’ll be happy to try and help but just keep in mind that I’ll be pretty much making stuff up. Remember, it’s ok to try and fail. I have made many a recipe where I did my own thing and it sucked. But I have also experimented with a recipe and had my family say it was the best thing ever. So be creative and see what happens…and just in case, have a few frozen pizzas on hand. 😉